WASC Mission

Pioneering Experiences—Inspired, curious, prepared, and reflective students.

Mission Statement
C3—Customize, Collaborate, Community! #customizecollaboratecommunity #VVAscholarscollegebound

It is the Val Verde Academy (3-12) mission to collaborate with all stakeholders to provide the best supports for student learning by customizing supports for students through flexible scheduling and a blended learning model. At high school we offer a college-preparatory online school, making courses manageable with one course at a time, as well as offering acceleration, Advanced Placement (AP), Honors, NCAA and credit recovery as an early intervention model in collaboration with the comprehensive high schools. Val Verde Academy is a school of choice integrating AVID at all grade levels 3-12. AVID’s mission to close the achievement gap by preparing all students for college and career readiness and success in a global society. AVID Elementary and AVID Secondary is designed to be embedded into the daily instruction of all classrooms across entire grade levels to maintain school wide structures. AVID’s implementation resources, trainings, and philosophy are all grounded in the idea that the growth mindset can be taught to students, and it is through the growth mindset that AVID students succeed in following their dreams and fulfilling their aspirations. AVID takes

a systemic approach through the use of WICOR (writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization, reading) and an explicit focus on high expectations, rigor, and developing a college readiness culture. Our small school provides a sense of community as students collaborate across elementary, middle school, and high school to give back through problem based and project based learning experiences that first enhance the school community and later, the community at large.