Counselor Corner

5 years ago


·   Communication is vital to your success; please see your teacher or counselor immediately if you have any issues or concerns regarding your class progress.

·   If you need additional class or lab time, please see your teacher for arrangements.



·   Seniors may apply for financial aid beginning January 1. It is important to check each college for their filing deadline. The FAFSA may be filed online at These forms must be completed to be eligible for grants, loans, work-study programs and some scholarships.

·   Please complete the Cal Grant Release Form and return it to your counselor so that the school can release your GPA information to the California Student Aid Commission for use in the Cal Grant awards.

· Men 18 years or older must be registered with the selective


·   Juniors should start taking the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT in April or May if they plan to apply to a 4-year college. Most colleges will accept either test. If students intend to apply to a UC and are taking the ACT, they must also take the ACT Writing Test. UC no longer requires students to take the SAT Subject Test. Please note there may be schools within the university that recommend Subject Tests. It is wise to research each college students are applying to. Students presently in Chemistry should take the Chemistry Test in JuneThe University of California will not accept the Math 1C test. All tests may be repeated to improve scores in Oct., Nov., or Dec. of the senior year. Colleges will always take the highest score. Registration & practice booklets are available with your counselor. Students may register online: for SAT’s, for ACT’s.




2 years ago

Staff Contact Information:


Dedeaux, Stacy - Principal

Gonzalez, Catalina - Asst. Principal
  • 951-940-6155 X 45108

Minimo, Annabelle-Secretary

SantaCruz, Refugio-Counselor

Cabral, Veronica - Teacher

 Hoak, Shaun - Elem. Teacher

Nee, Matt - MS Teacher

Owen, Michele - HS Teacher